Cummings Foundation Grant Recipient


February 17: Lecture by Dr. Norair Arakelian and Dr. Raphael Matevossian, Vice-Rector and Rector of Yerevan State University, on “Education in Armenia: Today and in the Future.”

March 5: Reception and talk by Henry Morgenthau III.

March 19: Lecture by Dr. Robert W. Thomson on “The Relevance of Early Armenian Historians Today.”

April 2: Lecture by Dr. Edward V. Malcom on “M. Vartan Malcom: The Man Behind Woodrow Wilson.”

May 7: Lecture by Khachig Tololyan on “Whither the Armenian Diaspora?”

May 21: Lecture by Michael Manoog Kaprielian on “Armenian Women: The Invisible Strength.”

May 29: Farewell Dinner and Reception in honor of Dr. Robert W. Thomson.

June 4: Report on Archaeological Excavations in Armenia by Dr. Philip Kohl.

June 18: Report by Dr. Yuri Sarkisian on “Energy, Environment, and Economic Issues in Armenia and Artsakh.”

July 16: Illustrated Lecture by Prof. Anahit Tsitsikian on “Armenian Musical Instruments and Their History as Revealed Through Archaeological Evidence.”

September 17: Lecture by Jack Hashian on “Telling the Armenian Story.”

October 8: “Spotlight on Armenia: Daily Life, Conditions, and Attitudes of People and Officials in Armenia Today.”

November 17: Lecture by Dr. Ian Bremmer on “The Post-Soviet Nationalities Crisis and Armenia.”

November 21: 38th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. Richard N. Frye on “The Importance of the Institute for Armenian Studies and Research.”

December 3: Lecture by Stephen Kurkjian, “Return and Revival: An American-Armenian Journalist’s Journey to the Land of His Ancestors.”

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