Cummings Foundation Grant Recipient


April 17: Lecture by Dr. Ruben Badalian, Dr. Zaal Kikodze, and Dr. Philip Kohl on “American/Armenian Collaborative Architectural Research.”

April 26: Seminar on the Armenian Genocide conducted by William S. Parsons.

April 27: 35th Anniversary Progress Report Dinner, honoring Dr. Nina Garsoian, with lecture by Dr. Ashot Galoyan on “The Contemporary Situation in Soviet Armenia.”

May 1: Lecture by Dr. Ashot Galoyan on “National Democratic Movements in the Soviet Union and Armenia: Impact of Glasnost and Perestroika.”

November 4: 35th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. Rouben Adalian on “Armenian Research and Contemporary Problems.”

November 5: NAASR 35th Anniversary Gala Banquet, with lecture by Stephen Kurkjian on “The Media’s Role in American, Foreign, and Armenian Affairs.”

December 11: Lecture by Dr. Hourig Sourouzian, “Preliminary Report on the Most Endangered Monuments in Armenia from the Earthquake of 1988.”

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