Cummings Foundation Grant Recipient


April 4-5: Conference on “Armenian Studies in the 20th Century,” with Dennis Papazian, Avedis K. Sanjian, Richard G. Hovannisian, Nina G. Garsoian, Kevork Kherlopian, Richard N. Frye, Hagop Nersoyan, Robert W. Thomson, Manoog S. Young, Vartan Artinian.

May 20: “Armenian Folk Dance: Its Origin and Development,” talk and demonstration by Vicki Dilsizian

June 14: 21st Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Frank Stone on “Armenian Studies on the Secondary Level.”

October 17-19: NAASR participates in Boston Globe Book festival.

November 9: NAASR holds First Armenian Book Fair in Hartford, CT, with talks by Jacques Kayaloff, James Etmekjian, and Frank Stone.

December 14: NAASR holds Third Armenian Book Fair in Providence, RI.

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