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NAASR Statement on Armenian Genocide Recognition by President Joseph Biden

24 April 2021 April 24 Armenian Genocide Recognition NAASR President Joseph Biden

We applaud President Biden’s willingness to speak the truth about the Armenian Genocide and to strike a blow against the denial of historical facts. This recognition is a long time in coming from a U.S. President. Historians, scholars, eye-witnesses and survivors, religious figures, and even the U.S. Congress have already recognized the Armenian Genocide as an established fact. By showing that the world is watching, U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide will help to advance human rights around the world and prevent future genocides. We especially hope it will help to stop attacks against the small Armenian community still living in Turkey, lead to the return of Armenian prisoners of war in captivity in Azerbaijan, and halt the destruction of Armenian churches in Artsakh in the aftermath of the war waged by Azerbaijan and Turkey against Armenia and Artsakh this past fall.

U.S. presidential recognition is not merely symbolic. Recognition by the president is of great importance because of the executive branch’s power in foreign relations. A clear statement from the president recognizing the Armenian Genocide, more even than Congressional resolutions, can shape U.S. policies as well as establish a tone that will have a far-reaching impact in the State Department and even in how history curricula are written in public schools, among the many other effects.

Today, on April 24, we honor the memory of those who suffered and died in the Genocide as well as those who survived. We also honor those who have worked tirelessly for more than a century to document the Armenian Genocide, to prevent its erasure from history books, and for its proper recognition.

Yervant Chekijian, Chairman of the Board,
National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR)

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