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Adana Massacres of 1909: Legacy and Perspectives

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The Adana Massacres of 1909: Legacy and Perspectives with Dr. Bedross Der Matossian, Dr. Lou Ann Matossian, Aram Arkun, and Dr. Dikran Kaligian

May 7, 2009 at the National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR), 395 Concord Avenue, Belmont, MA 02478

The Adana Massacres of April 1909 took the lives of more than 20,000 Armenians in the province of Adana and elsewhere in Armenian-inhabited areas of the Ottoman Empire. In addition to the appalling loss of life and property, the massacres were a bitter blow to the Armenians who had expressed such optimism at the Young Turk Revolution of 1908. Many see in these massacres an indication of what was to come in the genocide of 1915.

  1. Dr. Bedross Der Matossian, Revisiting the Adana Massacres of 1909: Revolution, Power, and Violence
  2. Dr. Lou Ann Matossian, Missionary Witness: The Christie Family Papers on the Cilician Massacres of 1909
  3. Aram Arkun, Armenian Self-Defense During the 1909 Massacres: The Case of Dörtyol (Chorkmarzban)
  4. Dr. Dikran Kaligian, Impact of the Adana Massacre on ARF-CUP Relations

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