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TRUTH WILL SET US FREE: Armenians and Turks Reconciled
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TRUTH WILL SET US FREE: Armenians and Turks Reconciled

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By George Jerjian

This is a powerful combination of a touching family story, a compelling legal argument and a visionary olive branch solution to one of history's most intractable dilemmas. This book is a catalyst to ignite dialogue between Armenians and Turks. Reconciliation can only take place when truth and truce are declared. What has happened cannot be undone, but we need not be prisoners of the past. The truth will set us -- Armenians and Turks -- free. The book shows that while the truth is not negotiable, the terms of reconciliation are. For nearly a hundred years the truth has been held hostage. In the final analysis, if Turks and Armenians cannot resolve this between themselves, no one else can. Now the truth may be rescued. Turks and Armenians need a new vision; a new vision to demolish the wall; a new vision for a new century.


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