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Morgenthau Story, The
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Morgenthau Story, The

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Directed by Apo Torosyan

Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, Sr. served as US Ambassador in Constantinople during the Armenian Genocide in 1915. He quit his post after being unable to stop the mass killings. In 1923, during the aftermath of the Greek and Assyrian Genocide, Morgenthau Sr. save thousands of survivors by successfully leading the Refugee Relief Committee in Greece.

"If the world had reacted to the Genocide of the Armenians, Hitler would have been reluctant to go out and kill Jews in a wholesale fashion." Robert Morgenthau, DA (Ambassador's grandson)

"Instead of trying to deny it, (Turkey) should find redemption through accepting what happened and trying possibly to make some kind of restitution." Henry Morgenthau III (Ambassador's grandson)

"Reconciliation starts with: 1) Stating the truth; 2) Acknowledging the truth; 3) Reparations; 4) Restitution; 5) Promise not to repeat; 6) Changing the history books." Dr. Pamela Steiner (great grand-daughter)

(56 minutes)

Aramai Films (2008)