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FORGET ME NOT: 7 Steps for Healing Our Body, Mind, Spirit, and Mother Earth
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FORGET ME NOT: 7 Steps for Healing Our Body, Mind, Spirit, and Mother Earth

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by Ani Kalayjian

Forget Me Not is a book about your self-care. Everyone seems to think they have been caring for themselves for a very long time. This book will guide you to another level of caring which will support and enrich the healthy practice that you already have. It will aid you in prevention of disease and promotion of holistic health, educating the mind and the heart, and finally, sharing concepts like Horizontal Violence and Generational Transmission of Trauma, which are integral parts of self-care. Remember that healing is just like peeling an onion. The next layer may burn your eyes, cause a temporary distress, but as you continue taking layer and layer off, you find the core inside. Then you find the gem, the jewel and the diamond that is you. If you want to feel, experience, or see your inner-authentic healing gifts and wisdom, then this book is especially for you.

There are seven sections that tell the story. Part I deals with the Author's childhood, the root of her issues and traumas that guide her to the integrative healing modality. In Part II she shares her adolescence and the gender discrimination she endured before her immigration.

In Part III, she shares her immigration experience to the United States of America, one of hopes and dreams of being free and able to receive a good education, find a good occupation, and the freedom to exercise her human rights. Part IV is about the transformation from trauma as she begins reaching out to help humanity around the globe.

In Part VI, the author shares her story about healing another layer of herself and the 7-Step Integrative Healing Model successfully transforming victims to victors. In the last part, Part VII, the author provides the reader valuable information that the reader can use to print, post, frame, and use for their daily emotional and health needs. In reading each part, you the reader will find yourself reflecting on your own childhood and your relationships with your parents and siblings, considering your sibling order--what it means to you, and what it meant to your parents and other members of your extended family. Open your heart and applying to your life, make it your own.