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DESTINY OF THE DZIDZERNAG ~ Autobiography of Varteres Mikael Garougian
Gomidas Institute

DESTINY OF THE DZIDZERNAG ~ Autobiography of Varteres Mikael Garougian

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By Varteres Mikael Garougian, Translated from the Armenian and Edited by Mariam V. (Garougian) Sahakian

Destiny of the Dzidzernag is a valuable primary source, which sheds light on a number of topics related to the deportation and massacre of the Armenian people, as well as to the aftermath. It is a unique glimpse into the motivations, formation and activities of the Legion Armenienne and adds to our knowledge of the complex political and socio-economic situation in Cilicia at the end of World War One.

Garougian's memoirs also provide much-needed information on the fate of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide, as they tried desperately to re-unite their families and re-establish some semblance of life in historic Western Armenia, during the period between the end of the war in 1918 and the rise of the Turkish nationalists under Kemal Ataturk in the early 1920s. This particular period, which is vital in understanding the role of the Kemalists in the destruction of the remnants of the Armenian people, has not been sufficiently researched and remains relatively obscure. ... Garougian's sense of history and the realization that he was living through an era of great historical importance for his people combine with his keen powers of observation to create a document of lasting significance. (From the foreword by Dr. Robert Krikorian, George Washington University)

Gomidas Institute (2005)