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BANALITY OF INDIFFERENCE: Zionism & the Armenian Genocide
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BANALITY OF INDIFFERENCE: Zionism & the Armenian Genocide

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By Yair Auron

Despite the worldwide attention the Armenian Genocide received at the time, the massacre has not remained a part of the world's historical consciousness. The parallels between the Jewish and Armenian situations and the reactions of the Jewish community in Palestine to the Armenian genocide, which was muted and largely self-interested, are explored by Yair Auron. In attempting to assess and interpret these disparate reactions, Auron maintains a fair minded balance in assessing claims of altruism and self-interest, expressed in universal, not merely Jewish, terms.

While not denying the uniqueness of the Holocaust, Auron carefully distinguishes it from the Armenian genocide reviewing existing theories and relating Armenian and Jewish experience to ongoing issues of politics and identity.

Transaction Publishers (2000)