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ARMENIAN CINEMA: Satirical Magazine (1925-1026)
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ARMENIAN CINEMA: Satirical Magazine (1925-1026)

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by Alexander Saroukhan, edited by Krikor Keusseyan, translated by Vatche Ghazarian

"The study of the development of a nation's art relies on possessing a familiarity with their national life, while the comparison of such development with similar works produced by other nations belongs to a different, higher realm. This statement is particularly true with regard to national caricature, which is nourished by a people's daily life, social and political realities, manners, and the culture that captures them. Therefore, in order to create a relevant work, one needs to recognize the history of Armenian caricature and its developmental stages, which extend more than a century and a half to the first Armenian satirical publication published in Constantinople in 1852. What follows (in this book), then, is a new in-depth examination to complete the picture and render new evaluations through new perspectives."