AFFINITY WITH NIGHT SKIES: Artia Sabondjian's Story

$ 17.00


by Astrid Katcharyan

This is the true story of Astra Sabondjian, born a wealthy home in late nineteenth century ancient Armenia. From her earliest days, savage wars force a nomadic destiny through five countries, for more than forty years. Set against a historical backdrop, the story analyses the psychological perspectives of a reluctant heroine where life imposes this. Refusing to be a victim, and driven by a mission to build a safe haven around the people she loves, she meets spine-chilling fate head on. Astra, idealistic, radical and passionate, marries her hero, a well-known newspaper editor and political activist, but living in an empire seething with brutality and ethnic intolerances, mortal dangers are never far away. Forced to abandon personal dreams, she reaches deep into her creative talents, which take her to unexpected heights.