JOURNAL OF ARMENIAN STUDIES: Volume VI, Number 2: Winter/Spring 2000-2001

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Irreconcilable Differences? Armenian-Azerbaijani Relations in Historical Perspective
by Robert O. Krikorian
Bedros Tourian's Cruciform Poem and Its Antecedents
by James R. Russell
Hemshinli: the Forgotten Black Sea Armenians
by Bert Vaux
On the Portrait of Prince Levon and Princess Keran
by Levon Chookaszian
In the Shadow of Genocide: A Comparative Analysis of Writings by Descendents of the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide
by Beth B. Cohen
Of Research, Studies, and Scholars:
Nietzsche and the Armenian Genocide
by Marc A. Mamigonian
Book Reviews:
The New Caucasus: Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, by Edmund Herzig (reviewed by Robert O. Krikorian); The Fresno Armenians: History of a Diaspora Community, by Berge Bulbulian; and "Like One Family": The Armenians of Syracuse, by Arpena S. Mesrobian (reviewed by Joan Bamberger); Great Need Over the Water: The Letters of Theresa Huntington Ziegler (reviewed by Barbara J. Merguerian); Not Even My Name: From a Death March in Turkey to a New Life in America, by Thea Halo (reviewed by Marc A. Mamigonian)