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By Hambardzum Galstyan, Translated by Agop J. Hacikyan

These are the memoirs of a Soviet Armenian dissident-activist, the challenge to the Moscow authorities (1988), the independence of Soviet Armenia (1991) - and the independence struggle of Nagorno Karabagh (1988-2012).

[Soviet Armenia, 1988] The nation's initial steps toward independence were difficult and onerous, The freedom fighters of the Karabagh Committee carried upon their shoulders the agony and horrors of a dying Empire. Through descriptions of life in prison its members exposed the real face of the KGB and the "loving care" if the authorities ...

Hambardzum Galstyan's Unmailed Letters is a solid account of this struggle. It is not only a narrative of great literary merit, but, because of its authentic content, it is also an invaluable expression of historical truth and a timely document.

Gomidas Institute (2013)