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EVER-CHANGING BORDERS OF ARMENIA IN ANCIENT AND MODERN TIMES: The Cartographic Record ~ Saturday, March 26, 2022 ~ On Zoom/YouTube

Cartography Dadourian Foundation NAASR Rouben Galichian

Saturday, March 26, 2022, at 12:00pm Eastern / 9:00am Pacific
Live on Zoom. Registration is required and free.
Livestream on NAASR's YouTube channel Armenian Studies.

This program is made possible through the generous support of the Dadourian Foundation.

ROUBEN GALICHIAN, Author of Historic Maps of Armenia: The Cartographic Heritage and other works

Exploring maps of Armenia’s changing borders over time reveals significant aspects of Armenian history, culture, and geography from ancient times to the present and is critical to the current territorial debate. The 44-day war waged by Azerbaijan and Turkey against Armenia and Artsakh in the fall of 2020 and the ongoing clashes have highlighted the importance of the accurate determination of the borders of the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh and how essential this is to their full exercise of sovereignty.

Born in Tabriz, Iran, previously based in London, now residing in Armenia, Rouben Galichian is a widely recognized expert on the cartographic heritage of Armenia and the South Caucasus from antiquity to the modern era and its distortion and manipulation for political purposes. Among his publications are Historic Maps of Armenia: The Cartographic Heritage (2004), The Invention of History: Azerbaijan, Armenia and the Showcasing of Imagination (2009/2010), Clash of Histories in the South Caucasus: Redrawing the Maps of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran (2012), History of Armenian Cartography up to the Year 1918 (2017), and Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey: Addressing Paradoxes of Culture, Geography and History (2019). Most of his works are available in his website as free downloads.

National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR)

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