Cummings Foundation Grant Recipient


March 20: Lecture by Michael E. Stone on “Armenian and Biblical Studies” at Harvard.

April 17: Lecture by Roman Jakobson on “Slavic and Armenian Questions in the Middle Ages” at Harvard.

May 15: Lecture by Prof. V. L. Parsegian on “Armenia Revisited by an American-Armenian Scientist” at Harvard.

June 11-14: Tenth Annual Assembly of Members, Tenth Anniversary Banquet, and International Conference on the Armenian Language with Robert W. Thomson, Hagop Nersoyan, Michael E. Stone, A. A. Bedikian, Robert Godel, Charles Dowsett, Frederic Feydit, Arra S. Avakian, Paul Bedoukian, Roman Jakobson, Paul Essabal, Richard N. Frye, M. G. Sevag, Nina Garsoian, James Etmekjian, Pergrouhi Svajian.

October 16: Lecture by Robert W. Thomson on “Influences on the Development of the Armenian Church” at Harvard.

November 14: Tenth Anniversary Banquet, Bay Area Chapter, Oakland, CA.

December 4: Lecture by Ara Dostourian on “The Crusades and the Armenians” at Harvard.

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