Cummings Foundation Grant Recipient


January: NAASR sponsors West Coast lecture tour by Avedis Sanjian.

March 17: Lecture by Manasseh G. Sevag on “Armenian Men of Science: A Survey of Science in Armenia and the Diaspora Through the Ages” at Harvard.

March 29: Lecture on “Problems of the Prehistory of the Armenian Language” by Prof. Werner Winter at Harvard.

April 21: Lecture by James Etmekjian on “The Armenian Renaissance” for NAASR Los Angeles Section.

May 12-13: Seventh Annual Assembly of Members at Harvard’s Memorial Hall with symposium on “Armenian Art and Archaeology.”

June 4: Lecture by Paul Essabal, “The Efforts of Sahag and Mashtotz in Creating the Armenian Alphabet and Literature,” in San Francisco, CA.

September 29: Lecture by A.O. Sarkissian, “Some Armenian Historians,” at UCLA Faculty Center.

September 29: Lecture by Richard G. Hovannisian, “The Origins of the Armenian People,” in Fresno, CA.

October 21: Lecture by J. Michael Hagopian, “The Armenians in Nigeria—Africa’s Largest Country,” in Fresno, CA.

November 3: Program on the 1600th Anniversary of the Birth of St. Mesrob, with talks by Richard Frye, Rev. Arten Ashjian, and Dickran Boyajian at Harvard.

December 1: Illustrated lecture by Arra S. Avakian on “The Geography of Ancient Armenia” at Harvard.

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