WARRIOR SAINTS VOL. 2 - East of Byzantium

$ 39.95


Sequel to War Gods Vol. 1

by Kupelian, Irwin & Tchaghlasian

Roger Kupelian, a Hollywood Visual Effects veteran (Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Alice in Wonderland, Hugo) is the creator of the epic graphic novel series “East of Byzantium” an Armenian  historical saga. The first volume, “War Gods,” is based on the historical events of Armenia’s conversion to Christianity in 301 AD. In its sequel titled  “Warrior Saints,” over a century has passed since the events of 301. Vartan Mamigonian and his followers face incredible odds to defend their country and their freedom. When the men fall in battle, women pick up the fight.

“At the edge of Rome at the gates of Persia, at the crossroads of East and West, lies an ancient land, a killing ground, where Emperor and Barbarian alike will meet their end. Between them, War Gods and Warrior Saints fight for Dominion over the future.”--Back-cover


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