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by Stephen Tarpinian

Turkey still refuses to classify the Armenian massacre of 1915 as genocide, even though over one million Armenians were murdered by the Ottoman Empire. This is a tragedy that the world must never forget.

In this startling new memoir of one survivor’s journey, the lives and souls of the lost—and the living—are celebrated and treasured.

Helen Tarpinian was only eleven when the soldiers came to her hometown of Sivas, Turkey. She was one of the few survivors of that attack. Later, during a brutal forced march, the soldiers separated her from her little brother, Krikor.

She managed to escape, fleeing first to Aleppo, Syria, and then to America. She never lost hope that she would see Krikor again.

Helen shared her experiences with very few people, but she did tell her story to her grandson Stephen Tarpinian. By writing The Resurrection of an Armenian Girl, Stephen ensured that Helen would never be forgotten.

When Stephen died unexpectedly in 2015, his family and loved ones took up his cause. They finished the book as a tribute to Helen and Stephen and added an epilogue about Helen’s connection to other survivors and her enduring legacy of love and light. 100% of the proceeds from this book are donated to the Steve Tarpinian Memorial Fund.