Past Events

NAASR’s lecture series is unrivaled in the United States in attracting large audiences to hear talks by leading scholars and authors in Armenian Studies and related fields.

The lecture series is one of the most effective ways for scholars to interact with the public and thus maintain the vital connection between the academy and the community. Since the 1950s, NAASR has presented lectures on a vast array of subjects, and it will continue to fill this vital role into the future. The list of participants in NAASR’s lectures and public programs is virtually a who’s who of figures from all aspects of Armenian Studies and many related fields. In its sixty years of existence, NAASR has established the standard in such programming.

The success of the lecture series and public programs, as well as the ever-increasing number of speakers and the expansion of NAASR’s public programs nationwide, is a tribute to the high level of interest in Armenian Studies among the general public and attests to the vitality of the field.

NAASR has also sponsored or co-sponsored more than twenty national and international conferences and symposia, including both the earliest and the most recent Armenian Studies conferences in the United States.

+ 2002

January 17: Lecture by Vickie Smith Foston: “What's Armenian? Uncovering a Hidden Armenian Heritage.”

February 7: Illustrated Lecture by Joe Dagdigian on “Armenia and Its Scientific Heritage.”

February 21: Illustrated Lecture by Dr. Levon Chookaszian on “Armenian Art of the First Christian Centuries.”

February 27: Lecture by Bat Ye’or on “Jihad, Politics, and Religious Minorities: The Armenian Experience.”

March 28: Panel Discussion on “Current State of the Armenian Economy” with business leaders from Armenia, co-sponsored by NAASR and CYSCA.

May 9, 16, 23, 30: Seminar by Prof. James R. Russell: “The Near East in the Mind of America: Cultural Connections Between American Literature and the Civilizations of Armenia and Her Neighbors.”

June 13: Video Screening: Roger Hagopian: “Memories of Marash.”

June 20: Lecture by Fr. Dajad Davidian, “The Reality of Today's Armenia: Confessions of an Unrepentant Optimist.”

August 15: Panel Discussion: “Secondary School Partnerships Promoting Civil Society in Armenia,” co-sponsored by NAASR and CYSCA.

September 12: Lecture by Dr. Moorad Mooradian on “The Armenian Genocide Conflict with Turkey: Perspectives and Possible Resolutions.”

September 19: Lecture by Dr. Flora Keshgegian: “Redeeming Memories: A Theology of Healing and Transformation,” co-sponsored by NAASR and the Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA).

October 4-6: NAASR Conference: “Rethinking Armenian Studies,” at Harvard Divinity School and NAASR Center.

November 16: 48th Annual NAASR Assembly of Members with lecture by Dr. Simon Payaslian, “The Kaloosdian-Mugar Chair at Clark University: The Next Generation.”

December 12: Panel Discussion on “Atom Egoyan's Ararat: The Film and Its Politics,” at First Armenian Church, Belmont, co-sponsored by NAASR and the Armenian Assembly of America’s New England Regional Council.

+ 2001

March 13: Lecture by Dr. Karen Yuzbashian on “The Battle of Avarayr and Its Historical Role.”

April 19: Lecture by Prof. James R. Russell on “The Role of the Epic in Armenian Literature.”

May 24: Lecture by Dr. Moorad Mooradian on “The Karabagh Dilemma.”

May 31: Panel Discussion on “Education in Armenia: Trends, Issues, and Methods” with educators from Armenia, co-sponsored by NAASR and CYSCA.

June 7: Lecture by Dr. Bert Vaux on “The Muslim Armenians of the Black Sea Coast.”

August 9: Panel Discussion: “Partnerships to Promote Civil Society in Armenia,” co-sponsored by NAASR and CYSCA.

September 20: Illustrated Lecture by Nancy and Sam Sweezy on “Armenian Folk Arts and Identity.”

October 18: Lecture by Thomas Ohanian on “Coming to Terms with the Armenian Genocide: New Voices, New Methods.”

November 3: 47th Annual NAASR Assembly, with lecture by Prof. Michael Stone on “Armenian Studies in Jerusalem and the Holy Land.”

November 15: Lecture by Dr. Bert Vaux on “Nagorno-Karabagh: Population, Language, and Cultural Change,” co-sponsored by NAASR and Harvard’s Armenian Students Society.

+ 2000

March 30: Panel discussion, “Armenia in Transition: Socio-Economic Conditions and Future Prospects,” co-sponsored by NAASR and CYSCA.

May 4: Lecture by Dr. Gevork Kherlopian on “Early Christianity in Armenia.”

May 11: Lecture by Peter Khanbegian on “History Through a Literary Lens.”

June 15: Panel Discussion on “Environmental Crisis in Armenia: Reversing Decades of Pollution and Neglect,” co-sponsored by NAASR and CYSCA.

September 21: Lecture by Diane Goshgarian, “True Fiction: Telling the Story of Armenian Survival, 1895-1919.”

November 2: Lecture by Robert O. Krikorian on “Crisis in Armenia: Intellectuals and the State.”

November 18: 46th Annual NAASR Assembly of Members, with lecture by Prof. Joan Bamberger on “The Watertown Armenian Community from 1900-2000: Its Origins, Growth, and Strength.”

December 7: Panel Discussion on “Armenia’s New Hope: Economic Growth and Social Change” with entrepreneurs from Armenia.

+ 1999

April 9-10: Conference on “The Armenians of New England: Celebrating a Culture and Preserving a Heritage,” co-sponsored by NAASR and numerous other Boston-area Armenian groups.

January 21: Lecture by Dr. Carolann Najarian on “Missions for Survival in Armenia.”

March 18: Lecture by Dr. Bert Vaux on “The Formation of Standard Western Armenian.”

April 29: Lecture by Florence Soghoian on “Remembering the Armenian Genocide: Portrait of a Survivor” and video presentation by Roger K. Hagopian, “The Journey of an Armenian Family: The Struggle of a Nation.”

September 23: Lecture by Dr. Vahakn N. Dadrian on “Elements in Turko-Armenian Conflict and Its Culmination in Genocide.”

October 13: Illustrated Lecture by Matthew Karanian, “Visual Journey To Armenia.”

November 6: 45th Annual Assembly and dedication of NAASR’s Edward and Helen Mardigian Armenian Reference and Research Library. Lecture by Dr. James R. Russell on “Jews and Armenians: The Inside Story.”

November 7: 45th Anniversary Banquet and Celebration, honoring Dr. Gregory H. Adamian, Dr. Richard N. Frye, Everett Berberian, and Armen Dohanian.

November 18: Launch of new edition of Neither To Laugh Nor To Weep and presentation by Rabbi Earl A. Grollman and Rev. Vartan Hartunian, “The Contemporary Message of Genocide: An Armenian-Jewish Outcry.”

December 2: Lecture by Dr. Levon Chookaszian on “Armenian Miniatures and Their Relation to Crusader Art.”

+ 1998

January 27: Panel Discussion on “Education in Armenia Today,” with educators from Gyumri, Armenia. Co-sponsored by NAASR and CYSCA.

February 5: Lecture by Nancy Kricorian, “From Survival to the New World and Boston.”

February 26: Lecture by Dr. James R. Russell on “Armenian Christian Beliefs and Practice,” co-sponsored by NAASR and St. James Armenian Church Cultural Committee.

March 6: Illustrated Lecture by Dr. Levon Chookaszian on “The Heraldry of Armenian Princes and Kings.”

March 17: Lecture by Dr. Ronald G. Suny, “The Fall of a President: Political Crisis in Armenia?”

April 16: Lecture by Dr. Jack Porter, “Impaired Memories/Distorted Genocide: Denial and Revisionism of Genocides.”

May 7: Forum on “Armenia in Transition: Socio-Economic Conditions and Business Opportunities,” co-sponsored by NAASR and CYSCA.

June 4: Lecture by Lucine Kasbarian, “Armenia: A Rugged Land, An Enduring People.”

July 21: Lecture by Hilmar Kaiser on “The Armenian Genocide and Its Denial: New Evidence of German Complicity.”

November 5: Lecture by Dr. H. Martin Deranian on “Worcester Is America: The Story of the Worcester Armenians, the Early Years.”

November 14: 44th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. Ina Baghdiantz McCabe on “From Orientalism to Present-Day Armenian Studies.”

+ 1997

February 20: Illustrated Lecture by Dr. Levon Chookaszian on “The Image and Importance of Armenian Women in the Arts.”

March 6: Lecture by Dr. Leon Janikian, “Remastering Our Musical Roots: Armenian Folkloric Music in the United States.”

March 20: Lecture by Mark Malkasian on “The National Democratic Movement in Armenia.”

April 3: Illustrated Lecture by Joseph Dagdigian, “A Journey Through Eastern Turkey to Armenian Villages and Towns.”

April 17: Illustrated Lecture by Dr. Armand Bedikian, “Building a Stronger Armenia Through Education.”

May 8: Lecture by Dr. Peter Balakian, “An American Son Discovers His Armenian Past.”

May 15: Lecture by Bat Ye’or on “Jihad to Dhimmi: Christians and Jews Under Islam—The Armenian Experience.”

May 22: Lecture by Dr. James R. Russell on “Early Fame and Tragic Fate of Poet Eghishe Charents.”

June 5: Illustrated Lecture by Donald Flumerfelt, “Armenian Life and Society as Observed by a Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia.”

October 16: Group Presentation, “On the Road to Ararat: Experiences, Observations, and Reflections,” by Barbara Merguerian, Shushan Teager, and Sergio LaPorta.

November 6: Lecture by Kevork Ajemian, “Genocide Can Never Be Forgiven: Is there a Time for Terror?”

November 15: 43rd Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. Hagop J. Nersoyan on “Armenian Studies: A Look Back and a Look Ahead.”

December 4: Lecture by Dr. Susan Pattie on “Diasporas within the Diaspora,” co-sponsored by NAASR and the Zoryan Institute.

+ 1996

March 25: Lecture by Mark Arax, “In Search of My Roots and My Father’s Murderers.”

April 18: Lecture by Dr. Vahakn N. Dadrian on “The Armenian Genocide in Historical Perspective.”

May 2: Illustrated lecture by Nancy Kalajian, “Glimpses of Armenia.”

May 16: Illustrated lecture by Dr. Levon Chookaszian on “Mongol Influences on Armenian Art.”

November 16: 42nd Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. Peter Balakian on “Mainstreaming the Armenian Discourse.”

December 5: Lecture by Dr. Vahakn N. Dadrian on “Germany’s Role in the Armenian Genocide.”

+ 1995

February 19: Lecture by Dr. Radick Martirossian on “The Situation of Higher Education in Armenia Today.”

April 6: “Spotlight on Karabagh”: Lecture by Dr. Levon Chorbajian.

April 27: “Spotlight on Karabagh”: Lecture by Jon Auerbach.

May 25: Illustrated Lecture by Dr. James R. Russell, "Pilgrimage to Vaspurakan"

June 8: Talk by Dr. H. Martin Deranian, translator of Hussenig: The Origin, History, and Destruction of an Armenian Town.”

November 3-4: International Conference: “Armenian Studies: Looking Towards the 21st Century”

November 5: 40th Anniversary Celebration and Banquet, with a keynote address by Ben Bagdigian.

November 7: Illustrated Lecture by Jacqueline Kazarian on “William Saroyan and His Legacy.”

November 18: 41st Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Moorad Mooradian on “Armenia, Karabagh, and Armenian Studies.”

+ 1994

March 17: Lecture by Dr. Nelly Baratyan, “Overcoming Barriers to Understanding: Compiling an Armenian-English Dictionary.”

March 24: Report by Edward Marootian, Jr., on “Socio-Economic Conditions in Armenia.”

April 7: Lecture by Edward Alexander on “The Image of the Armenians.”

April 21: Illustrated lecture by Anoush Ter Taulian on “Life in Karabagh Today.”

May 5: Lecture by Dr. James R. Russell on “Armenia Between East and West.”

May 13: Lecture by Dr. Levon Avdoyan on “The History of Taron,” co-sponsored by NAASR and ALMA.

May 26: Lecture by Dr. Levon Chookaszian on “Patrons of Armenian Art: Kings, Bishops, and Merchants.”

May 31: Lecture by Dr. Boghos Levon Zekiyan on “Modernity and the Armenians.”

June 11: All-Day Seminar on “The Armenian Genocide: Denial and Documentation,” with Dr. Roger W. Smith and Dr. Vahakn N. Dadrian.

June 17: Lecture by Dr. George Bournoutian on “Karabakh in Historical Perspective.”

October 1: All-Day Seminar by Moorad Mooradian on “Foreign Policy Formulation and Issues in Armenia.”

October 27: Illustrated Lecture by Dr. Levon Chookaszian on “Art Treasures Rescued from the Genocide.”

November 19: 40th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. James R. Russell on “Armenian Studies at Harvard: Past, Present, and Future.”

December 8: Talk by John Walsh on “Fate of the Animals in the Yerevan Zoo.”

+ 1993

February 26: Video presentation by Armen Aroyan, “Pilgrimage to Historic Armenia: In Search of Our Ancestral Roots.”

March 4: Lecture by Dr. Levon Abrahamian on “Armenian Identity: Preserving the Past and Creating the Future.”

April 5: Panel Discussion on “Developments in Human Studies and Psychiatry in Armenia as a Consequence of the Earthquake of 1988,” with Dr. Koriun Azizian, Dr. Karina Tsaturian, and Dr. Elsa Ronningstam.

June 3: Spotlight on Armenia: “Secondary Education in Armenia—Developments, Innovations, Prospects for the Future,” with Dr. Robert Gabrielyan and Yury A. Gylavian.

September 9: Lecture by Dr. Ara Dostourian on “Armenia and the Crusades.”

September 17: Lecture by Moorad Mooradian on “The Artsakh-Azerbaijan Situation.”

October 14: Talk by Stina Katchadourian, author of Efronia: An Armenian Love Story.

November 20: 39th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. Avedis K. Sanjian on “Armenian Studies and Its Future Direction: A 35-Year Perspective.”

November 21: Welcoming Banquet for new Mashtots Chairholder Dr. James R. Russell.

December 9: Lecture by Philip Ketchian on “Environmental Concerns in Armenia Today: The Environment, Energy, and Earthquakes.”

+ 1992

February 17: Lecture by Dr. Norair Arakelian and Dr. Raphael Matevossian, Vice-Rector and Rector of Yerevan State University, on “Education in Armenia: Today and in the Future.”

March 5: Reception and talk by Henry Morgenthau III.

March 19: Lecture by Dr. Robert W. Thomson on “The Relevance of Early Armenian Historians Today.”

April 2: Lecture by Dr. Edward V. Malcom on “M. Vartan Malcom: The Man Behind Woodrow Wilson.”

May 7: Lecture by Khachig Tololyan on “Whither the Armenian Diaspora?”

May 21: Lecture by Michael Manoog Kaprielian on “Armenian Women: The Invisible Strength.”

May 29: Farewell Dinner and Reception in honor of Dr. Robert W. Thomson.

June 4: Report on Archaeological Excavations in Armenia by Dr. Philip Kohl.

June 18: Report by Dr. Yuri Sarkisian on “Energy, Environment, and Economic Issues in Armenia and Artsakh.”

July 16: Illustrated Lecture by Prof. Anahit Tsitsikian on “Armenian Musical Instruments and Their History as Revealed Through Archaeological Evidence.”

September 17: Lecture by Jack Hashian on “Telling the Armenian Story.”

October 8: “Spotlight on Armenia: Daily Life, Conditions, and Attitudes of People and Officials in Armenia Today.”

November 17: Lecture by Dr. Ian Bremmer on “The Post-Soviet Nationalities Crisis and Armenia.”

November 21: 38th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. Richard N. Frye on “The Importance of the Institute for Armenian Studies and Research.”

December 3: Lecture by Stephen Kurkjian, “Return and Revival: An American-Armenian Journalist’s Journey to the Land of His Ancestors.”

+ 1991

February 21: Lecture by Dr. Suzanne Moranian, “Witness to the Armenian Genocide: The American Missionary Archives as Evidence.”

March 7: Lecture by Phillip Ketchian on “Environmental Crisis in Armenia.”

March 21: Lecture by Dr. Melor Sturua on “The Political Situation in the Soviet Union and Armenia at Present.”

April 4: Lecture by Dr. Gerard J. Libaridian on “The Present Government of Armenia and Its Operations.”

April 16: Forum highlighting “Women Survivors of the Armenian Genocide,” with Dirouhi Highgas, Alice Odian Kasparian, and Naomi Topalian.

May 16: Lecture by Dr. DeVallon Bolles on “The Future of Armenia: Turkey as a Strategic Power After the Gulf War.”

May 21: Author reception for Alice Haig, translator and editor of Judgment Unto Truth: Witnessing the Armenian Genocide, co-sponsored by NAASR, the Zoryan Institute, and the Armenian Library and Museum of America.

May 30: Author reception for Claire Mangassarian, author of Farewell Kharpert.

June 6: “An Update on Current Archaeological Discoveries in Armenia,” with Dr. Philip L. Kohl.

June 10: Lecture by Tamar Hajian and Karmit Zysman on “The Current Situation in Armenia, Karabagh, and Azerbaijan.”

June 27: Lecture by Dr. Hambartsum Galstian, Mayor of Yerevan, on “Democratic Armenia and the Future of Democracy in the USSR,” co-sponsored by NAASR, CYSCA, St. James Armenian Church, Tekeyan Cultural Association, and the Zoryan Institute.

October 20: Lecture by Armenian Minister of Culture Berj Zeytountsian on “Current Cultural Developments in Armenia.”

November 21: Report on Karabagh Conflict with Dr. Richard Wilson and Alexei Semyonov.

November 23: 37th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. John Huehnergard on “The Future and Status of Armenian Studies at Harvard.”

+ 1990

February 27: Reception for Susan K. Blair and Aristide D. Caratzas, editor and publisher of The Slaughterhouse Province: An American Diplomat’s Report on the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1917.

March 18: Forum on “The Environmental Crisis in Armenia,” co-sponsored by NAASR and Cambridge-Yerevan Sister City Association.

April 4: Symposium on “Denial and Revisionism of the Armenian Genocide and the Jewish Holocaust,” with Prof. Roger W. Smith, Prof. Andrei Markovits, and Rev. Vartan Hartunian, co-sponsored by NAASR and Bentley College.

October 25: Lecture by Dr. Leon Hakhverdian on “Perestroika and the Arts in Armenia and the Soviet Union.”

November 17: 36th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. Kevork Bardakjian on “Glasnost, Perestroika, and Armenian Studies: Impact and Future Directions.”

November 23: Lecture by Robert O. Krikorian on “Armenia Today: An Inside View—Life, Politics, and Culture as Observed by an American-Armenian.”

+ 1989

April 17: Lecture by Dr. Ruben Badalian, Dr. Zaal Kikodze, and Dr. Philip Kohl on “American/Armenian Collaborative Architectural Research.”

April 26: Seminar on the Armenian Genocide conducted by William S. Parsons.

April 27: 35th Anniversary Progress Report Dinner, honoring Dr. Nina Garsoian, with lecture by Dr. Ashot Galoyan on “The Contemporary Situation in Soviet Armenia.”

May 1: Lecture by Dr. Ashot Galoyan on “National Democratic Movements in the Soviet Union and Armenia: Impact of Glasnost and Perestroika.”

November 4: 35th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. Rouben Adalian on “Armenian Research and Contemporary Problems.”

November 5: NAASR 35th Anniversary Gala Banquet, with lecture by Stephen Kurkjian on “The Media’s Role in American, Foreign, and Armenian Affairs.”

December 11: Lecture by Dr. Hourig Sourouzian, “Preliminary Report on the Most Endangered Monuments in Armenia from the Earthquake of 1988.”

+ 1988

January 10: Lecture by Jean-Pierre Mahe on “Armenian Village Life.”

May 8: Author reception and lecture by Dr. James R. Russell on “The Influence of Zoroastrianism in Armenia.”

November 19: 34th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. Michael Stone on “Pilgrims, Computers, and Bible Stories: Some Recent Directions in Armenian Studies” and talk by Dr. Thomas Samuelian on “The Armenian Scholar Between the University and the Community.”

December 29: Screening of documentary film Madenataran, to benefit Armenian earthquake victims. Co-sponsored by NAASR and AGBU.