HOME AGAIN: Armenian Recipes from the Ottoman Empire

$ 55.00


by Mari A. Firkatian

Preserving the past in recipes and memories, Home Again turns the reader’s gaze to Armenian culinary traditions. A land at the crossroads of great empires and nomadic hordes, Armenia’s cuisine offers a tantalizing melding of the rich variety of Mediterranean produce and Eastern spices. The culinary lexicon of Armenia stands as a testament to the survival of a people over the centuries. The recipes collected here are from the author’s family collections, hailing from the region of Bursa. The author transports both the novice and experienced cook to Armenian kitchens across the former Ottoman Empire. Collecting recipes from descendants of Armenian refugees who settled in Bulgaria, this cookbook encompasses a range from simple daily meals to ones reserved for special occasions. Inside you will find how to make Armenian string cheese, preserved meats and pickled vegetables. You will learn ancient culinary tips and tricks to creating an Old World menu and the contemporary variants of those recipes.