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by Haiganoush Satchian-Grkacharian

Hadjin, If We Forgot You... is a testimony about the dramatic events lived by the town of Hadjin during the massacre of Armenians in Adana (April 1909) and throughout the years of the Armenian genocide (1915-1918). The narration describes the deportation of the population of the town in June 1915, the march of the author's parents from one concentration camp to the other, and the agony and annihilation of the Armenian people in the Syrian deserts. Following the Armistice of Mudros (1918), the survivors returned to their birthplace after the loss of many family members during four years of wandering in different places of exile.The interlude in this chain of tragic episodes would be brief. Hadjin, isolated from the world and deprived of any military help, heroically resisted to the siege by the Turkish nationalist troops of Mustafa Kemal from March-October 1920. Its fall, on October 15, 1920, was followed by the unspeakable massacre of its population of 8,000 civilians. Haiganoush Satchian-Grkacharian has documented the destruction of the town based on the developments already recorded by history, as well as the recollections of her parents, who were born and raised in Hadjin.