BRIEF HISTORY OF THE AGHUANK REGION: A History of Karabagh and Ganje from 1702-1723

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by Esayi Hasan Jalaleants', Introduction and Annotated Translation by George A. Bournoutian

Esayi's Brief History of the Aghuank' Region concentrates on the the Armeno-Georgian efforts against the incursions by Lexgi tribesmen and their hope in the arrival of the Russian army to liberate them from Muslim rule. The work covers the years 1702-1723 and sheds light on the corner of the Persian Safavid Empire during its decline and final collapse. This also confirms the large Armenian presence in the Karabagh-Artsakh region long before its conquest by the Russians in the 19th century.

Esayi Hasan Jalaleants' was the Kat'oghikos, the Supreme Patriarch of the Holy See of Aghuank' (Karabagh-Artsakh and Ganje-Utik') located in the Monastery of Gandzasar. His tenure, from 1702-1728, coincided with the temporary decline of the Mother See of Armenia, at Holy Ejmiatsin. Taking advantage of this, Esayi managed to establish close ties with the Russians and the Georgians and was instrumental in encouraging Peter the Great to invade Transcaucasia and Iran in 1722.